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Pete Rizzo - President 

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Bobbie Massey - Guide | Executive Director

Dear Villas Family,


At this time, Sunday, 9/25, tropical storm Ian is projected - and much could change during the week -  to affect our area. I want to ensure you that our staff will be monitoring, planning, and communicating with you via text messaging and use of this website page to share important details and information as it becomes available to us.  We will be working closely with AHCA's emergency response and implementing our Villas Emergency response plans.  

Preparations including our communications with you are in place. If you have landed on this page you are receiving our text communications. We will be posting Videos and potentially audio communications during the week to keep you informed.   Our goal is to work together with poise. Please look for messages and notifications via text that new information has been posted here to keep you up to date. What we ask of you is to not overwhelm us with calls, emails, and concerns during this time - again much can change over the course of the week.  We want to over-prepare and under alarm.  To accomplish all this our time, energy, and efforts will be focused on monitoring, planning, and executing preparedness.  Our team at the Villas is dedicated to ensuring the safety and wellness of our Elders and all of us.  

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