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Unlike the majority of traditional assisted living facilities, which price their services using a base rate plus add-on fees depending on resident needs, Villas at Killearn Lake's pricing model is simple and predictable. Our pricing includes base rates only, no scaled or needs assessment add-ons. Some facilities price their add-on fees using three to five levels of care, while still others attach point systems and monthly dollar amounts for each additional service required, such as medication management, bathing, and eating. Levels of care are typically re-evaluated on a quarterly basis. We believe such a pricing model creates an unpredictable cost structure for residents and their families. In many cases, these additional fees increase the total cost by 40% to 60%. This pricing strategy employed by traditional assisted living facilities also institutionalizes care as a product, and de-emphasizes its significance as a person-centered relationship.






We believe our predictable pricing provides families with financial peace of mind.  The Villas will be competitively priced in the middle range for our area. We believe pricing in the mid-range, coupled with the provision of an environment of quality care, will be viewed as equal to or superior to more expensive facilities, and thus serve as a recipe for success. We are confident our model will become the new standard for person-directed, affordable assisted living facilities in Tallahassee and surrounding areas.  

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