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Frequently Asked Questions


What sets Villas at Killearn Lakes apart?

  • Environment:
    Villas at Killearn Lakes is a home, not a facility. The Villas' innovative atmosphere, architecture and design have been developed to create -- not mimic -- a residential living space with built-in support.

  • Care:
    Villas at Killearn Lakes is committed to a person-directed environment – a hallmark of the "small house" and a concept that’s central to culture change in long-term care. Villas staffing patterns and our "universal worker" care partners will provide for staffing ratios that are double that of some traditional, larger assisted living facilities.

  • Cost:
    Villas at Killearn Lakes will implement a simple and predictable pricing structure that is an all- inclusive base rate with no add-ons or fees for additional services. We believe this offers residents and families financial peace of mind. Even our cost model is de-institutionalized. ​


  • What is meant by the “small house” movement in long-term care?
    The term “small house” has developed as a way to describe the relative size difference between a traditional long-term care facility and a home built to a more residential scale. Typically, there are several “small house” homes situated in a neighborhood. The neighborhood forms a community that is operated as a single site, yet with each home having its own resident-driven character and house rules. A team of care partners provides assistance with activities of daily living, meals, housekeeping, and other services to all of its residents. The small house movement began in nursing home settings and has begun to spread to assisted living communities like Villas at Killearn Lakes. It is often considered to be a subset of a larger philosophy of care known as the “household model.”


  • Why is a neighborhood important? 
    Since the goal of this model is to create home in every sense of the word, a neighborhood is an important way to live out that reality. Most of us in bedroom communities like Northeast Tallahassee live in neighborhoods for much of our lives. When we need a little extra help it’s nice to be able to keep living in ways that are familiar to us. Receiving home care services in one’s original home can sometimes breed isolation. While relocation can be difficult when more assistance is needed, moving to another neighborhood that has built-in services to help us age in community can help ease the transition.


  • Who will be eligible to live at Villas at Killearn Lakes? 
    Residents of the Villas will be those individuals who require some type of assistance with daily living. Multidisciplinary assessments of potential residents will help Elders, families, and staff at the Villas to work together to determine if the Villas will be the best fit for the Elder’s desires and needs.


  • What will the costs be and are they covered by insurance? 
    Villas at Killearn Lakes has (3) All-inclusive rates based on care needs, Essential, Moderate, and Extensive. Please see our cost page for more details. Many long- term care insurance policies provide coverage for assisted living and memory care services, and will be accepted for payment by Villas at Killearn Lakes. Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial health care plans typically do not pay for these services.​.

  • Who will operate Villas at Killearn Lakes? 
    A multidisciplinary team of coaches led by a licensed assisted living administrator known as a “Guide” will support the operations at Villas at Killearn Lakes. Core characteristics of small house operations include a highly trained and empowered direct care workforce (“care partners”) and decisions made by the Elders to the maximum extent possible (“person-directed”). The job of the Guide and support team is to provide the optimum environment for Elders to be “well-known” by the care partners. Care partners, who fill all daily staff functions in the home, develop a deep knowledge of Elders and are empowered to make decisions in partnership with them, which in turn supports the direction provided by the Elder.


  • Who owns Villas at Killearn Lakes? 
    Villas at Killearn Lakes, LLC is a Limited Liability Company based in Tallahassee, Florida. The majority of the owner partners are Tallahassee residents, owning over 60% of the company. The managing partners are Christopher Mulrooney, Chairman, a Tallahassee-based partner; and Klaus Axen, Vice-Chairman, a partner based in Tucson, Arizona. Mr. Axen operates similar neighborhoods in the greatr Tucson area.

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