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Villas Architecture & Design  Exteriors & Interiors 

Architecture & Design

Villas at Killearn Lakes is a  gated residential neighborhood of six homes located off of Deerlake Road South in Killearn Lakes Plantation. The design, as well as the philosophy of care and organizational structure of “small house” communities, are distinct. Each of the six Villas is designed from the exterior and interior as a residence, not a facility. Each Villa is approximately 8,300 square feet and features a plantation-style front porch. The grounds are park-like, complete with walkways and  a water feature. Our campus provides perimeter security for residents who may need cognitive cuing, while not limiting accessibility to the outdoors. 

The interior of each Villa has been carefully designed as a Home. Elders have all-private bedrooms, 300 square feet each, with private bathrooms, and located  off the Great Room, to ensure that residents have no long hallways to traverse. The Great Room includes a hearth, living area, dining area and kitchen. The Great Room is sufficiently large to allow all residents to enjoy the hearth and dining areas at the same time should they choose. Kitchens are designed for easy access by residents twenty-four hours/day. Every Villa has a larger spa room for additional space for showing assistance, whirlpool tub, and hair washing station. Each Villa will also has a den with access to the back patio to accommodate a private setting for families or small gatherings. With the understanding and awareness of challenges with ambulation, our exterior campus and Villa interiors have been designed where  there are no step-ups or step-downs anywhere within the interior of our Villas or exterior campus. 

Floor Plan 

Residents have full access to all areas of their Villa, just as each of us do at home. Unlike most other assisted living environments, this includes the kitchen, where residents can check the refrigerator at will, where breakfast time is when they want it, and where they can help with meal preparation if they'd like.


Each of these design features supports and enhances the core philosophy of person-directed care at Villas at Killearn Lakes, designed from the ground up as a home. 

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