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Villas at Killearn Lakes

We're a Family!

Welcome to Villas at Killearn Lakes, a one-of-a-kind neighborhood of homes where Elders and families in need of assisted living and memory care receive compassionate and person-directed care, with an emphasis on a relationship-based care model that fosters a family-oriented quality of life.   Your expectations are ours with believable affordability. 


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Villas at Killearn Lakes

Architecture & Design

Villas at Killearn Lakes is a neighborhood of Homes for assisted living and memory care. The Villas' innovative atmosphere, architecture and design have been developed to create -- not mimic -- a residential living space with built-in support.



Villas at Killearn Lakes is committed to a person-directed care environment comprised of a dedicated and highly-trained Care Partner Team. Staffing patterns provide for a 1:6 Care Partner to Elder ratio, almost double to traditional larger assisted living facilities.

Villas at Killearn Lakes


Villas at Killearn Lakes has a simple, affordable, and predictable all-inclusive base rate with no add-ons or fees for additional services. We believe this offers residents and families financial predictability and peace of mind.   

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Villas at Killearn Lakes is committed to providing a family atmosphere fostered from care, love, and fun. Social engagements range form crafts, music therapy, pet therapy, seasonal festivals, and performances. 


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